Recreation Contacts

Recreation Department Staff

Roger Weetman, Manager of Recreation Services  |  604-935-8355

Keith Tindle, Facilities Manager  |  604-935-8351

Meadow Park Sports Centre

Arthur Santiago, Guest Services Supervisor  |  604-935-8353 

Dave Shaw, Maintenance Supervisor  |  604-935-8358

Christine Burns, Program Services Supervisor  |  604-935-8369

Stephanie Nicoll, Community Projects Coordinator
Community Projects, Adult Art, Whistler Olympic Plaza  |  604-935-8375

Jon Pollard, Aquatics Programmer  |  604-935-8357

Sylvie Allen, Fitness Programmer  |  604-935-8356

Beth Dunlop, Arena/Tournament Programmer  |  604-935-8356

Marie-Anne Prevost, Fitness Programmer  |  604-935-8356

Community Schools and other Facilities

Julie Cummings, Recreation Programmer
Kids on the Go, Summer Camps, and Outdoor Programs  |  604-935-8370

Pam Deane, Recreation Programmer
Preschool, Preschool Camps, Adult and Child General Programs  |  604-935-8371

Caroline Stroud, Youth Centre Programmer and LUNA Coordinator  |  604-935-8187

Community Facility Bookings

Melissa Kish, Indoor Facilities Coordinator 
Myrtle Philip, Spring Creek, and Whistler Secondary Community Centres and Spruce Grove Field House  |  604-935-8468

Petra Gier, Indoor Facilities Coordinator 
Meadow Park Sports Centre and Lost Lake PassivHaus  |  604-935-8472 

Jennifer Carroll, Outdoor Facilities Coordinator
Lost Lake Park, Rebagliati Park, Meadow Park, Rainbow Park, Spruce Grove Park, Myrtle Philip Community Fields  |  604-935-8467 

Christa Vandeberg, Village Animation and Events Coordinator
Whistler Olympic Plaza  |  604-935-8417