Living the Dream

In Whistler, it was the realization of a dream nearly as old as Whistler and the basis for early development. Working alongside the Host City of Vancouver, and together with VANOC and our partners, Whistler had the privilege and responsibility of being Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games – the world’s largest winter sporting and cultural event. During those extraordinary two months, together with our partners, we engaged the world, inspired the nation, galvanized the community and affirmed our belief in the power of a dream.

As a small and diverse community of passionate people, Whistler was committed to making Canada proud. We wanted to see Canadian athletes on the podium, but we also wanted to celebrate as a global community. Whistler embraced the 2010 Winter Games as a community, inspired by the excellence of the athletes, the commitment of the volunteers and the amazing spirit in the hearts and minds of Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

In a community of adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts, co-hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was part of the dream that inspired the creation of Whistler. Hosting the Games was a once in a lifetime opportunity that surpassed every expression of what it might or could be.

While those 27 days were a defining moment in our short history, the 2010 Winter Games themselves were a catalyst for accelerating the vision and goals identified in the community’s long-term strategic plan – Whistler 2020, creating lasting legacies for generations to come. Living the Dream is the final report in a series of three reports. Delivering the Dream and Investing in the Dream were presented to the community in September 2008. This report draws on comprehensive information collected from our resort partners, as well as from departments within the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

The report reviews the strategic objectives outlined in Delivering the Dream, describes Whistler’s Games legacies, identifies what worked and reviews the budget information contained in Investing in the Dream. Whistler’s Games journey – as outlined in this report – was realized through the power of partnership, the spirit of collaboration and the ability of the Games to rally individuals, organizations and the community to help create a defining moment in Canada’s history.

Whistler 2020

The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were not an ‘end’ in themselves, but a catalyst that has accelerated Whistler’s journey toward achieving its vision of becoming the premier mountain resort community – as it moves toward sustainability.

The Games have assisted Whistler in achieving its five priorities:

  • Enriching Community Life
  • Enhancing the Resort Experience
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Ensuring Economic Viability
  • Partnering for Success

These five priorities were the lens through which the 11 strategic objectives contained in Delivering the Dream – the 2010 Winter Games Strategic Framework – were developed. Living the Dream provides a snapshot of what took place in Whistler during the Games and how those 27 memorable days moved Whistler closer to achieving its long-term vision.