Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a provincially-mandated regulatory document and set of high-level plans and policies, such as land use designations that guide land use planning, social, economic, and environmental policies, and civic infrastructure investments.

Whistler's OCP was adopted May 7, 2013. 

The goals, objectives, and policies contained within the OCP are a reflection of the extensive input received from Whistler's citizens and resort community stakeholders over a 20-month period that began in the spring of 2010.

The OCP is about regulating and implementing shared community directions. These directions will guide Whistler's development and meet its anticipated needs over the next five years and beyond in support of our Whistler2020 vision to be the premier mountain resort community – as we move toward sustainability.

For information on Development Permit Areas and Development Permit Guidelines, click here.

To access Whistler's entire Official Community Plan broken into easily accessible sections, click on the documents below:

OCP Documents


  • Schedule K (Other Sensitive Ecosystems Protection Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule L (Aquifier Protection Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule M (Whistler Village Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule N (Whistler Creek Development Permit Area )
  • Schedule O (Community Commercial Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule P (Multi-Family Residential Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule Q (Intensive Residential Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule R (Industrial Development Permit Area)
  • Schedule S (District Energy System Areas Development Permit Area)

Whistler2020 and the OCP

Whistler2020, Whistler's community sustainability plan, is Whistler's highest-level policy and served as the overarching guide for the OCP update.

The OCP doesn’t replace Whistler2020; they work together to articulate and enshrine our resort community’s vision, values and shared commitment to collectively maintain a resilient, four-season tourism resort community and economy. While the OCP has future regulatory consequences, Whislter2020 is a vision and policy that is aspirational, providing a broad strategic scope for our ongoing journey towards success and sustainability.