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Whistler Parking Ticket Payment

Parking Tickets

  • Pay RMOW parking tickets. Please note: Tickets are available for payment 24 hours after issuance. Site is unavailable 2 a.m. - 3 a.m. daily.
Whistler Renew Business and Dog License and Pay Municipal

Business Licenses, Dog Licenses and Municipal Tickets

  • Renew dog or business licenses, and pay municipal tickets.
Whistler Recreation Guide

Recreation Programs

  • Browse and register for recreation programs at Meadow Park Sports Centre and community facilities.
Whistler Home Owners Grant

Home Owners Grant

  • Claim the Home Owner Grant. This website is available annually from mid-May to end of December.
Whistler GIS Maps

GIS Maps

  • Explore Whistler's GIS interactive mapping tool for zoning, land, and road information.
Whistler Campfire Permits

Fire Permits

  • Apply and pay for Fire Permits.
Whistler Permits

Property Information Inquiry

  • Search for building permits on Whistler properties that have been issued or have an application in process.
Whistler Bizpal

BizPaL Business Permits and Licenses Directory

  • Understand business permits, licenses and other business compliance regulations using BizPaL.
Whistler One Stop

OneStop Business Registry

  • Learn about and apply for commonly required business registrations and transactions using the OneStop Business Registry, provided through a partnership with the RMOW.