Victim Services

Providing crisis support and assistance 

Being a victim or witness to crime, violence or abuse is a role no one is prepared for and not everyone will respond the same way to the same crime. Friends and family members of crime victims can experience loss and psychological harm.

In order to help residents and visitors address these situations, the Whistler Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) established a Victim Services program in 2001, after receiving a grant from the province for crime victims in the community. The province and the RMOW continue to fund this program.

What is Victim Services

  • Seeks to lessen the impact of crime and trauma on victims and their families, to help reduce the risk of further victimization.
  • Seeks to increase the level of participation and sense of empowerment for victims as they encounter the criminal justice system.
  • Provides general information about the justice system, federal and provincial legislation and programs pertaining to victims of crime, safety planning, and local available resources.
  • Provides victims with emotional support through active listening, crisis intervention and referrals to counseling if appropriate.
  • Provides practical assistance including arranging transportation, court orientation, liaison with criminal justice system personnel and community support networks. We assist in finding a safe place for people to go to when in need. 

How to access Victim Services

Choosing to access victim services is voluntary. You can call yourself and request our support, or be referred by a police officer or professional from another agency. 


Victim services assistance can be provided in the following situations:

  • Abuse (emotional, physical and mental)
  • Accidents, including motor vehicle accidents (witness and victims)
  • Assault
  • Breaking and entering/robbery
  • Child abuseCriminal harassment
  • Fraud
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Sudden death
  • Suicide
  • Threats 
  • Violence in relationships

Download a sexual assault pamphlet.


  • Information: about the criminal justice system, victim of crime act, police procedures, financial compensation, court, stress management and community services
  • Support: empathic understanding, emotional support, listening, problem solving, advocacy and discussing options.
  • Practical Assistance: to ensure your safety and help you to access basic needs.
  • Court Support: information on being a witness, court orientation and preparation for court.
  • Referrals: to counseling professionals, local community services and other services as needed.

Local Resources

Victim Services direct line 604-905-1969
Whistler RCMP emergency number 911
Whistler RCMP non-emergency number 604-932-3044
Pemberton emergency number 911
Pemberton RCMP non-emergency number 604-894-6634
Crisis Centre Distress Line (24 hours) 1-866-661-3311
Pearl’s Place Transition House /Safe House 1-877-890-5711 (24 hours)
Howe Sound Women’s Center 604-892-5748
Whistler Health Care Centre 604-932-4911
Pemberton Health Care Center 604-894-6939
B.C. Women’s Sexual Assault Service at Vancouver General Hospital 604-875-2881
Whistler Community Services Society 604-932-0113
Ministry For Children and Family Development 604-894-2091
Sea to Sky Community Services  604-894-6101
Crown Counsel 1-800-538-9166