Invasive Species

Invasive species are not native to the region and have a negative ecological, social or economic impact. 

They do not have natural controls, such as insects, viruses, fungi and competing plants, to keep them in check, and may grow rapidly and spread quickly, impacting the other plant species around them. Through Whistler 2020 the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) has committed to protect native biodiversity locally.

Policies and Initiatives

  • Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: The RMOW has partnered with the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council to monitor the spread of known invasive, exotic species of plants and, where possible, eliminate invasive species before extensive spreading occurs.
  • Invasive Species Management Plan: The RMOW’s Invasive Species Management Plan covers all invasive species in Whistler. The plan provides a framework to minimize economic, environmental and human harm from invasive species by acting on seven goals of coordination, prevention, early detection, rapid response, control and management, research and risk assessment, and education and outreach.
  • Disposal of Invasive Species: The Garbage Disposal and Wildlife Attractants Bylaw provides guidelines for the disposal and the storage of garbage and control of wildlife attractants, including invasive species. 

Preventing Further Spread

  • Remove and control invasive species on your property.
  • Attend local activities like hand-pulling days.
  • Do not purchase noxious weed seeds from suppliers or catalogues.
  • Contain creeping plants by growing them in containers.
  • Do not let invasive plants go to seed.
  • Grow alternative plant species by substituting less aggressive plants.
  • Keep aggressive plants from escaping your garden or landscaped area.
  • Do not use roadside or "wild" plants in flower arrangements if you cannot identify them.
  • Clean equipment, tools, vehicles and footwear before leaving an area infested with invasive plants.
  • Organize a "weed-free" space, like a local schoolyard or roadway.
  • Report invasive plants to the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council.