Home occupation business

A home occupation business is a business based within a residential home in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. 

Home occupation business licence applications get reviewed to ensure they meet bylaw regulations. The home must be zoned for residential use in order to obtain a home based business licence. Contract workers such as massage practitioners and trades people will apply for a home based business, as the licence travels with them to wherever they provide the service.

Regulations for all home occupation licences

To prevent delays in receiving your business licence, ensure that your home meets these requirements before sending in your application:

  • Alterations have not been made to any building in a residential zone to indicate it is being used for any purpose other than residence;
  • No products or goods are or will be stored outside of the building;
  • The maximum number of persons who do not normally occupy the dwelling unit engaged in a home occupation use is one (Bylaw No. 303);
  • No products or materials are stored outside of a principal building or auxiliary building; 
  • No products or materials are sold from a home occupation use which is located in a residential zone.

All business licence applications require property manager or property owner authorization.

Apply for a Business Licence

1. Ensure your property meets all of the criteria listed above.

2. Complete the Property Owner Authorization Form prior to starting your online application. You will be asked to upload the form as part of your online application.

3. Apply online for a Home occupation business licence.


Typically home occupation business licenses are $190 per calendar year. A one-time, non-refundable application fee applies to all new applications. Learn more about licence fees and payment options.


Bylaw Department 

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