Business Licence changes

There is a $10 fee for changes to an existing licence.

Relocating your business 

If you are changing the location where your business operates you are required to submit an application to relocate your business licence. All relocation applications are subject to a full review which includes, but is not limited to, the Planning Dept., the Building Dept. and the Fire Dept. Commercial location application processing times vary depending on the results of the inspections and reviews. Home based applications typically take 5 business days to complete. It is recommended that you allow adequate time to meet business licence requirements prior to your business’s anticipated relocation. 

To update the mailing address for a non-resident business licence, access your MyWhistler business licence account and make the edit. 

To submit your relocation application, please follow the process outlined below. 

  • Log in to your business licence account
  • Select the account you would like to update
  • Select ‘edit account’
  • Follow the prompts to relocate your business and pay the $10.00 change fee.

Changing your business ownership or business name

All changes in ownership require a full review of the licence including Building and Fire Dept. inspections and Bylaw and Planning reviews to ensure the use is permitted.

It is recommended that you allow adequate time to meet business licence requirements prior to your business’s anticipated hand over. 

Home based business licence reviews typically take approx. 5 business days. Commercial location applications can vary greatly depending on review and inspection results. More information about Commercial Location applications and reviews.

Documents we require when there is a change of ownership:

  • Written confirmation from previous/current owner authorizing the change of licence ownership
  • Certificate of Incorporation for new business (if applicable) 
  • Property authorization form (if not owner of location) 
  • Health approval from VCH (if applicable) 
  • Liquor licence (if applicable)

To submit a request for change of ownership or business name, Please contact

Change to mailing address

If you would like to change your mailing address, please contact and provide your account number, business name and new mailing address. Note, if you have relocated your home based or commercial business you need to submit a relocation application, not just a mailing address change. 


Bylaw Department


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