Publication box business licence

A valid business licence is required prior to placing a publication box on Municipal property.

Publication box means a rack or box containing published materials (excluding newspapers) for distribution for free or for a fee. Publication boxes may not be placed on Municipal property without permission from the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Apply for a business licence

If you wish to place and operate publishing boxes in Whistler you are required to submit an online application. 

1. Complete the Publication Box Locations List prior to starting your online application. You will be asked to upload the form as part of your online application.

2. Apply online for a publication box business licence.


A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25 applies to all new applications. Learn more about licence fees and payment options.

The cost for a publication box business licence is $200 plus $25 per box or rack.


Bylaw Department 

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