Vehicles for hire

Approval is required for any vehicle for hire operating in Whistler. Learn more below about the application process specific to each vehicle type.

Taxi, Limousine, Shuttle, Charter

A Special Authorization licence from the BC Passenger Transportation Board or a General Authorization licence from the Registrar of Passenger Transportation and an RMOW business licence are required to operate a taxi, limousine, shuttle or charter business. A municipal business licence is also required.

1. Apply for a Special Authorization licence/General Authorization licence information 

2. Apply online for a municipal business licence.


A Transportation Network Service licence and an inter-municipal business licence are required to operate a ride-hailing, Transportation Network Services business with ride-hailing vehicles. Since the RMOW’s adoption of the inter-municipal business licence (IMBL) on June 24, 2020, ride-hailing companies interested in operating across municipalities in the Lower Mainland (including Whistler), may apply for a ride-hailing IMBL licence, provided they have obtained a Provincial Transportation Network Services licence.

The application requirements include: 

  • Transportation Network Service licence from the BC Passenger Transportation Board 
  • Licensing conditions, including but not limited to submitting the number of vehicles upon request
  • Applying for an inter-municipal business licence (IMBL)


Bylaw Department 

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