Doing business with us

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Bid Opportunities and Results

Find and apply for RMOW Requests for Proposal, Requests for Quotation or Invitations to Tender, and Requests for Expressions of Interest.

Purchasing Policy

The RMOW is dedicated to fair, honest and open procurement. Learn about the RMOW’s Purchasing Policy and sustainable purchasing guidelines.

Vehicle and Equipment Sales

Find information about how to purchase surplus vehicles and equipment no longer in use by the RMOW.



The RMOW is the owner of several Official Marks – including TRUE LOCAL and TRULY LOCAL – which are registered with the Canadian Intellectual Properties Office of Industry. Canada.

As the owner of those Official Marks, the RMOW offers distributors and retailers in several categories the opportunity to become licensees for the purpose of expanding and/or enhancing their products.

Through the completion of a Licensing Agreement with the RMOW, licensees will have the right to use TRUE LOCAL, TRULY LOCAL, and other Official Marks registered and owned by the RMOW.

Please contact the RMOW’s Manager of Cultural Planning & Development for more information.

Other Resources

Business Licenses

Business licenses are required to operate any business in Whistler and are renewed annually. Apply for a business license and register your business through the OneStop Business Registry. 


Whistler is a location of choice for many American and Canadian productions. Find guidelines for filming in the RMOW and apply for a film permit online

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