Film Permit Application

With the exception of news media, any person or company wishing to access Whistler municipal property for the purposes of commercial photography, video, film and television—including documentaries—must obtain a film permit from the RMOW.

The RMOW asks that producers, directors or photographers first consider their location needs to make the permit application process as efficient as possible. Read filming guidelines, including location information.

How to Apply For a Film Permit

To apply for a film permit:

  1. Download and fill out the film permit application then submit it to
  2. Pay the $125 non-refundable application fee. Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, debit, cheque, or cash at the Whistler Municipal Hall (4325 Blackcomb Way) or by phone 604-935-8130.

Producers, directors or photographers will need to provide the following information:

  • Preferred dates and times of location shoots
  • Number and type of vehicles that will be used at shoot
  • Construction and staging details
  • Special effects details (e.g. snow, rain, explosion, fire, stunts, animals, gun fire, etc.)
  • Craft service details
  • Waste, compost and recycling plan
  • Noisy equipment usage details (e.g. helicopters, generators, snowmobiles, diesel vehicles, etc.)

All of this information is necessary to assess the film permit application to ensure that it complies with municipal bylaws.

Film Permit Approval Process

Once the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) receives a completed film permit application, the request is assessed internally to make sure it conforms with municipal bylaws and safety considerations.

If the application is approved by the municipality and the non-refundable application fee has been paid, there are some other conditions that must be met before the film permit is issued:

Other requirements include:

1. Certificate of Insurance
The RMOW requires proof of liability insurance naming the Resort Municipality of Whistler (and the Whistler Village Land Co. Ltd., if any filming will take place in the Village) as additional insured. Insurance must contain a cross liability clause in favour of those corporations for $3 million CDN liability. A copy will be kept file by the RMOW. A film permit will not be issued without receipt of proof of insurance.

2. Additional Approvals and Permits
Sometimes additional approvals and permits will be required for a shoot. The terms and conditions of these will be outlined in the film permit itself.

3. COVID-19 Work Safe BC Safety Plan

Protocols for returning to operation 

These protocols provide guidance to employers in the motion picture and television production industry. These employers may also benefit from reviewing other protocols if their workplace includes other work environments such as offices, personal services, food and drink services, and construction.

Employers must also ensure they are abiding by any orders, notices, or guidance issued by the provincial health officer, and the appropriate health authority, that are relevant to their workplace.

4. Damage Deposit

A damage deposit of $6,000 is required for the first 20 days of production to ensure that there is no damage to RMOW’s property, locations are restored to their original condition, and that filming fees are paid. If production exceeds 20 days, a second deposit will be required.

Refunds of damage deposits will be issued by cheque once production has concluded and the condition of locations has been assessed by municipal staff and deemed to be acceptable.

5. Payment of Fees

Fees apply to all on-location filming within Whistler Village or on other Resort Municipality of Whistler property, such as parks, facilities, residential areas, or roadways. Review film permit fees.


Christa Vandeberg

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