DES disconnection permit application

Submit an application to disconnect from the District Energy System (DES) and connect to an alternative heating system.

If unsatisfied with the operation of their home heating system, a homeowner may choose to disconnect entirely from the DES.

To be eligible to disconnect from the DES, the unit must be one of the 174 units constructed by Whistler Development Corporation (WDC).  The units include the following complexes only:

  • White Water
  • The Rise
  • The Terrace
  • The Heights
  • River Bend

Use this application if you wish to apply for a DES Disconnection Permit.  

All applications must be made in person at the RMOW Building Department front counter.  Consult the application checklist for additional requirements that may apply to your permit application.

The permit fee for a DES Disconnection is $76.87, plus $21 for title search and/or $21 for a corporate summary if applicable.  Additional fees may apply based on the scope of the connection to an alternative heating system.

Once the disconnection is complete and an alternative heating system has been commissioned, and all works have been inspected and signed off by a Building Official, the homeowner will stop paying DES fees (approximately $50.00/month, see RMOW Cheakamus Crossing District Energy System Fee Bylaw No. 1951, 2010).

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