Site Alteration Application

A site alteration permit is required prior to any site works. Use this application if your site conditions require some preliminary site work in advance of a Building Permit.

This typically means you have a bare lot and want to prepare the site in advance of starting construction of a home.

For further clarification, please follow the steps for contractors and architects.

Types of work permitted

The four specific types of work allowed with this type of permit are:

  • Exploratory site grubbing works
    This typically means that you plan to clear the site within your building envelope to understand the geotechnical conditions of your site that will determine how you will build on your site.
  • Construction of retaining walls
    This typically means that you plan to build retaining walls to establish suitable site conditions to build on your site. 
  • Establishment of a driveway
    This typically means that you have a challenging site and need to create access in order to build on your site.
  • Installation of site services
    This typically means that you plan to install site servicing for future construction.  Note that site servicing installed under a Site Alteration permit must be undertaken by an Engineer.

The scope of work allowed under this type of application are limited. Structural works are specifically not permitted.

How to apply

All applications must be made in-person at the RMOW Building Department front counter.  The completed application package, two sets of applicable drawings and applicable engineering are required at time of application. Consult the application checklist for additional requirements that may apply to your permit application.

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