Development Variance Permit Process

While the preferred approach is to develop within the scope of existing regulations, a Development Variance Permit is typically considered when specific site characteristics or other unique circumstances do not permit strict compliance with an existing regulation.

A property owner may apply for a Development Variance Permit to vary regulations in the Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015 or a land use contract bylaw (other than use and density), the Subdivision Servicing Bylaw or the Sign Bylaw 558, 1987.

Application Process

  • Determine if your proposal is within the jurisdiction of a Development Variance Permit.
  • Call 604-935-8170 to schedule a pre-application meeting with Planning Department staff to discuss your proposal.  Staff will review the process, application submission requirements and timing.
  • Determine if the Development Variance Permit Application will be delegated to staff for approval or require Council consideration. Review Schedule A of the Development Variance Permit Application.  
  • Submit a completed Development Variance Permit Application with the required documentation and fees.
  • Post a Development Variance Permit Application notification sign on the subject lands.


One of the following Development Variance Permit Application fees will apply:

Development Variance Permits that are delegated to staff for approval (except for Variances to Sign Bylaw No. 558, 1987)


Development Variance Permit that are delegated to staff for approval for a variance to Sign Bylaw No. 558, 1987.


Development Variance Permits that require Council consideration of issuance


Notification to Neighbours

If the Development Variance Permit is delegated to staff for approval, notification to neighbours is not required.

For Development Variance Permits that require Council consideration, notification of the application must be mailed or otherwise delivered at least 10 days prior to Council’s consideration to all owners and tenants of the subject lands as well as land that is adjacent to the subject lands.

Review Process

Submission of complete and accurate information will accelerate the Development Variance Permit process.

The application is reviewed by the Planning Department and other affected RMOW departments.

For applications delegated to staff for approval, the General Manager of Climate Action, Planning and Development Services or the Director of Planning will make the decision to approve or deny the application consistent with the Delegated Development Variance Permit Criteria and Guidelines in Schedule E of the Land Use Procedures and Fees Bylaw.

For applications requiring Council consideration, staff make a recommendation in a report to Council, using consistent Evaluation Criteria for Development Variance Permits. Staff and Council consider written submissions from neighbours.

Council, by resolution, either approves or denies the Development Variance Permit.


Planning Department

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