Land use in Whistler is regulated by the Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015.

The Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015 regulates the use of land, buildings and structures. It also requires a property to have parking and loading spaces and associated landscaping.

To determine a property’s regulations, use the RMOW’s online map by following the steps below:

  • Under Search, enter the property’s address to locate the property on the screen;
  • Under Legend, click Property Information and place a check in the box beside Zoning and the map will display the current zone(s) for the property;
  • Turn off the Zoning layer and click on the property;
  • Click on the Bylaw Link in the left column and this will link you directly to that zone in the Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015.

If the Zoning layer displays multiple zones, refer to the Zoning and Parking Bylaw 303, 2015 for the zone.


Planning Department

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