Residential Energy Assessment Rebate Program

Power down to save up!

Invoice Template – RMOW Residential Energy Assessment Rebate

Discover how you can save with a home energy evaluation

Back for a limited time, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is making it easier for homeowners to reduce monthly utility costs with the Residential Energy Assessment Rebate Program.

The rebate program offers Whistler homeowners $250 towards an Energuide for Homes home energy evaluation, helping homeowners access hundreds or even thousands of dollars in utility program rebates—and ongoing reductions in monthly bills. CleanBC also offers rebates towards a home evaluation so you may be eligible for multiple rebates, please see CleanBC for their rebate options.

The average value of a home energy evaluation is $350 to $600 (depending on the size and complexity of the home). By investing approximately $100 to $200 to learn about your home, simple improvements could result in significant savings.

The program also offers free professional energy coaching to help homeowners select the best upgrade options for and expanded Home Energy Rebate Offer (HERO) grants from BC Hydro and FortisBC (up to $6,000 available for eligible homeowners).

Booking a home energy evaluation is the best way to get started on the path to monthly energy cost savings.

Getting started

The initial home energy evaluation provides a thorough efficiency appraisal of the home, and typically lasts two to three hours. Homeowners are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about their home’s energy use during this assessment.

To begin, homeowners should book their evaluation directly with a licensed local energy assessment professional.

Find an energy assessment professional near you:

Following the home energy evaluation, homeowners will be provided with a 45–60-minute personalized home energy action plan coaching session to discuss the results of the assessment and to help homeowners make strategic, informed decisions about future potential retrofits. 



Initial Home Energy Assessment $250
Follow-Up Post-Retrofit Energy Assessment $125


New Home Plan Evaluation $250


The program is available to anyone who owns a single family home, duplex, or townhouse unit in Whistler, as well as anyone in the process of designing a new home in Whistler.

The rebates are funded by the RMOW as outlined in the Five-Year Financial Plan.

Homeowners should contact a licenced Energy Advisor directly to initiate the energy assessment and associated rebate process.

NEW! If you’re a renter or a low-income household, you may be eligible for a free energy assessment and associated upgrades. Visit the Energy Conservation Assistance webpage to find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

Head over to Taking Action: Incentives and Rebates for details on what is offered by CleanBC on residential and commercial properties.

How to redeem

To claim the RMOW Residential Energy Assessment Rebate, please complete the Invoice form below below and email it, along with your invoice/receipt from your home energy assessment, to the RMOW Environmental Coordinator.

To claim the CleanBC rebate, please reach out to CleanBC through their website or call 1-844-881-9790 to speak with an Energy Coach. At this time, qualified applicants can claim both rebates making their costs for the home assessment minimal.



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