Myrtle Phillip Community Centre Birthday Parties

The RMOW provides a few different ways to enjoying hosting a birthday party.

Myrtle Phillip Community Centre Birthday Parties

Millar Room

A perfectly sized room to host parties for children five years and under

Cost: $150 + tax (resident rate)

Millar Room & Gym

A great alternative for older children who need more space to run around and play.  Half or full gym rentals are available in conjunction with the Miller Room for any food requirements or crafts.  

  • Millar Room and half gym – $175 + tax (resident rate)
  • Millar Room and full gym – $200 + tax (resident rate)

Prices include your choice of sporting equipment, as well as tables and chairs

Prices are for a 3-hour booking (extra time will be billed at hourly rate for room rental and staff time)

Booking guidelines and requirements

Each user group must provide the following:

  • Your own insurance; learn how to secure insurance and what the requirements are here .
  • Minor cleaning 
  • Removal of excess garbage and all recycling.

Myrtle Philip Community Centre party bookings
Melissa Kish

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