Medium: Marble

Credit(s): Simone Weber-Luckham

Art ID: 131

Year: 2000

Drinking Fountain

As the Village Park system of three parks in Village North features art integral to the creation and function of parks, a competition was staged to select an artist to create a unique drinking fountain for Village Park West at Northlands Boulevard. The place for this sculpture is by the base of a cascade and pond that are features of the water channel that links all the parks and areas of Village North. The water source is from Fitzsimmons Creek, the glacier fed stream that travels between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, through Whistler Village to Green Lake. The Village Park stream ultimately flows to Montebello and then to the wetland by Blackcomb Way before returning water to Fitzsimmons Creek.

Inspired by the flow of the water through the village artist Simone Weber-Luckham proposed a drinking fountain carved in marble. The organic lines and shapes of her sculpture include a water channel in the textured stone.

Public art nearby:

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