Medium: Mural painting

Credit(s): Daniel Poisson and Corinna Haight

Art ID: 142

Year: 2009

Full Circle

This mural painting on both sides of the path under the Blackcomb Way Bridge was the second project to address the grey, gloomy and frequently tagged nature of underpasses. Like the first project at the Lorimer Road Bridge (#147), this mural transformed the space below. With one exception, where some words were spray painted on a portion of the art, the murals have been left untouched and have been enjoyed by the many people that walk between Whistler Village and Upper Village / Blackcomb.

For this mural an open competition was held. The team of Daniel Poisson and Corinna Haight proposed this colourful, global image that spans from tropical ocean to mountain top.

In the artists’ words, here are some excerpts from their media release:

Code of Creation kingpins, Daniel Poisson and Corinna Haight, have been commissioned by the municipality to produce a gigantic, super funky 65′ x 6′, two piece mural on the Blackcomb Way Bridge underpass in Whistler, BC.  Recent travel abroad and life in Whistler gives Daniel and Corinna the unique vision for this new and necessary mural project titled: “FULL CIRCLE”.

Sure to captivate the viewer and leave a positive, lasting impression in the minds of the observer, the “Full Circle” mural will incorporate vivid elements of nature from the highest peaks to the deepest oceans. Imagine being perched atop a snow-covered rocky outcropping, basking in your glorious state of wonder and fulfillment. Set out in front, is the view out across the magnificent Whistler valley, overtop the towering vertical peaks, vast mountain ranges and luscious evergreens, beyond the tranquil, glacier-fed lakes, through the motionless rocky bluffs, across the seas shoreline into the weather- hammered, adventure-drawing seas and into the depths of the deep, dark ocean where the largest marine mammals on earth reside. This leads you back to the shoreline and into the valleys again, up to the mountains where you have begun your awe-inspiring, life changing vision; having now come: “FULL CIRCLE”. Then add Daniel and Corinna’s funk factor.

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