Medium: Basalt

Credit(s): Patrick Sullivan

Art ID: 128

Year: 2008

Originally conceived as project for display at the Village Gate Bridgeheads, the winning competition proposal proved to be better suited to display in a plaza. The newly created Library Plaza was selected so the four unique basalt carvings could be touched and seen from all sides. Artist Patrick Sullivan won the open competition process. The art is very representative of his style, in its use of flowing organic shapes, icons and textures, carved in stone from the Sea to Sky region. Patrick Sullivan had previously won a competition that led to creation of Last Love, located by the train station at Lake Placid Road at the entry to Alpha Lake Park. While that piece is inspired by love for his wife, the Last Love series at Library Plaza was inspired by four artists that inspired his career. Patrick Sullivan provided some background on these artists to the Library. As part of this project, the municipality hired the artist to create a bench for art lovers and game players.

Public art nearby:

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