Medium: Mural

Credit(s): Chili Thom and Stan Matwychuk, et al

Art ID: 147

Year: 2007

Lorimer Bridge mural

Like many underpasses, the abutments under the Lorimer Road Bridge were a constant canvas for people who would spray paint graffiti or tag the walls. Noting this trend, two local artists approached the Whistler Arts Council and the municipality with a proposal to use this space and the surrounding walls for art through a process that would involve many artists.

The lead artists designed a bright and colourful transformation to the grey, dull walls. The municipality not only accepted this prototype, the artists were commissioned to create an additional two murals at either side of Fitzsimmons Creek.

While transforming the walls, the artists worked with apprentice Devon White and staged painting events that involved other artists in the project. Since completing the project, there has been only minor tagging of the art.  Further, an interesting dialogue has appeared on the walls with a vestige remaining on one side wall.

The success of this project led to another mural under the Blackcomb Way Bridge.

Public art nearby:

  • 141 south along the Valley Trail to Peace Park by the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek
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