Medium: Sculpture

Credit(s): Oliver Harwood

Art ID: 152

Year: 2015

The Village Ascent sculpture is a landmark at a Nancy Greene Drive trailhead. This site is at the junction of the Valley Trail that heads north to Spruce Grove Park and the Accessible Nature Trail that leads south to Lost Lake Park. The trailhead is an appropriate site for a sculpture that celebrates the importance of trail networks and the role of trail builders in Whistler. Artist Oliver Harwood blends references to mountain bike trails and the village in an uplifting, eye catching form.

As part of the Valley Trail collection of public art, the municipality often challenges the artist to create some means of public involvement. Artists sometimes involve people in creating the art. Others work on site and interact with passers-by. As Oliver Harwood is a teacher and public artist, he proposed a presentation on the creation of Village Ascent and the role of a public artist. The art installation and an interview was recorded:

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