Camping in Whistler

Get the most out of your camping experience in Whistler! Camping in Whistler is permitted in designated areas only.  Find out how to minimize wildfire risk and reduce human-bear conflict.


Sleeping in your vehicle is not permitted on roads or in parking lots. Camping is not permitted in Whistler’s parks.

Camping is permitted at the following locations:

  • Riverside Resort
  • Whistler RV Park and Campground
  • Cal-cheak Recreation Site
  • Nairn Falls Provincial Park

The fine for illegal camping is $100 per night.

Find more information about campgrounds and other accommodation in Whistler:

Fire Safety

Reduce the risk of wildfires in Whistler. When the Fire Danger Rating is high or extreme, campfires are not permitted in Whistler. Propane barbecues are permitted in Whistler parks if contained within a municipal park cooking stand.

Current Fire Danger Rating

Camping and Bear Safety

Whistler is bear country.  Stay safe and protect Whistler’s bears by keeping your campsite bare and clean.

Reduce the risk of a bear encounter by storing ALL food and wildlife attractants (including scented lip balms) in the animal-proof facilities provided. If no facilities exist, food and garbage can be hung between two trees at a minimum of four metres off the ground and one metre from each tree. The fine for attracting wildlife is $200.

Anything that has an odour is a wildlife attractant and should be stored properly, including:

  • coolers (full or empty)
  • food and condiments
  • garbage, wrappings, plastic bags
  • dishes, pots and utensils
  • pet food and bowls
  • bottles and cans (full or empty)
  • tablecloths
  • toiletries, suntan lotion, insect spray
  • camp stoves and barbecues
  • gas or oil containers (full or empty)
  • any items associated with food preparation or clean up (soap, dish cloths, towels, and clothing worn while cooking)

Learn more tips for a bare campsite at Bear Smart.

Bear sightings

Report bear sightings in residential areas by phoning the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) at 1-877-952-7277 or 604-905-BEAR. Whistler Conservation Officers are notified daily of sightings and immediately in emergencies.

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