OUTSIDE VOICE – Designing the Future of Whistler’s Parks Together

Table of contents

  1. Project overview, latest status and timeline
  2. Project background
  3. Phase 1: Assessing
  4. Phase 2: Imagining
  5. Phase 3: Designing

Latest Status

This project was put on hold in order to deliver the Whistler Summer Experience Plan. With summer 2021 behind us the Parks Master Plan is re-entering the Designing Stage and is anticipated to be completed in 2022.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the online surveys for this project. At a high level, the following top public priorities for each park were identified:

  • Rainbow Park: Retain the dog off leash area as is; add a Valley Trail connection to and from Alta Lake Road; expand and upgrade the beach.
  • Meadow Park: Add a designated dog off leash area; expand the existing riverfront picnic area; add a nature play park.
  • Spruce Grove Park: Add a designated dog off leash area; improve the Lost Lake trailhead; expand the community gardens.
  • Lost Lake Park Beach and Event Area: Improve toad migration infrastructure; upgrade the beach; re-envision the warming hut.
  • Alpha Lake Park: Extend the Valley Trail to Alta Lake Road; improve the dog off-leash area; expand and upgrade the beach area.
  • Wedge Park: Provide access via a nature type trail; provide water access via a dock similar to other parks. Many comments were also received about the important environmental values of this park and to not over develop it.
  • Parkhurst Park: Provide a Valley Trail connection from current Valley Trail terminus in Emerald Estates; provide opportunity for water access via docks; provide interpretive trails at the historic site.

This feedback will be used in combination with asset condition considerations and Summer Experience Plan outcomes to help inform Phase 3 “Designing”.  The detailed feedback will be added to the Community Engagement Summary Report.

Next steps

Further details on the Designing Stage will be announced shortly.


The RMOW is excited to lead OUTSIDE VOICE, a conversation with the community to develop a master plan for the future of Whistler’s parks. Whistler’s Parks Master Plan will build off the Parks Vision plan from 1996 and the Recreation and Leisure Master Plan completed in 2015, and the outcomes of the Whistler Summer Experience Plan 2021. 

Whistler’s parks are a cornerstone of the experience that sets Whistler apart from other places and resorts in North America and were developed with leading-edge park planning. The Whistler resident and visitor population is growing, infrastructure is ageing, and the needs of the community are changing. 

Together let’s determine how to retain what works and identify areas for investment and maintenance so we can continue to meet Whistler’s evolving needs.


  • Assessing (November 2018 to January 2019)
    During the Assessing Stage, an inventory of park assets and ideas for investments was collected through a variety of activities. Learn more.​
  • Imagining (Winter 2019 to Autumn 2019)
    During the Imagining Stage, the program strategy and priorities for the Parks Master Plan will be developed. Learn more.
  • Designing (Now to Spring 2022) 
    During the Designing Stage, priorities, conceptual designs and costing will be developed to move plans into action. Learn more.


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