Adventure Smart – Hiking and Biking Safety

Are you heading out to hike or bike on the Lost Lake Park Trails, Rainbow Lake, or the Alpine Trail Network?

Residents and visitors alike have a responsibility to be adventure smart by being prepared and always respecting the environment.

Be prepared

Learn the skills for safe trail travel and to bring all necessary gear. Areas like the Alpine Trail network and Rainbow Lake provide backcountry experiences that require hikers and bikers to have a high level of fitness and be prepared for a day-long journey in remote, strenuous alpine.

Remember to:

  • Recognize your ability and understand the risks with all trails.
  • Expect the unexpected and plan for delays, changes in weather and injuries.
  • Plan ahead. Tell someone where you are going, and check local trail reports and maps, as well as

Check your equipment:

Equipment List

Learn more at

Respect the environment

When you are on a hiking or biking trail, you are also in wildlife and wildfire country. Respect the environment to protect wildlife, sensitive alpine vegetation, the Whistler community and Whistler’s water sources. 

Remember to:

  • Pack out all garbage, use outhouses, take only photos and leave no trace.
  • Stay on designated trails and obey all trail signs. Avoid shortcuts and trail braiding to protect the natural habitat.
  • Be aware of current fire danger ratings. Do not flick butts or matches, and where campfires are permitted, drown campfires before leaving.
  • Prevent the spread of invasive species by cleaning your gear before entering and when leaving a trail area.
  • Protect Whistler’s water supply. Do not fish, camp or defecate in the watershed.
  • Keep dogs on leash and out of the watershed. Off-leash dogs can create conflict with bears and other wildlife.
Be Trail Smart
Be Trail Smart


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