Trail review and approval process

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Trail development is encouraged to follow a formal recreation trail approval process

Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) approval is required for any trails and supporting infrastructure proposed on Crown Land before construction. This includes initiatives proposed by the Trails Planning Working Group.

RSTBC’s review and referral process involves consulting provincial legislation and up to 17 different agencies, as well as First Nations, provincial wildlife biologists, and commercial tenure operators.

RSTBC approval comes with a separate trail maintenance agreement that binds the applicant to long-term trail maintenance.

Learn more about  RSTBC’s Recreation Site and Trail Maintenance and Development.

Applications for new trails from the RMOW, Alpine Club of Canada – Whistler section, and WORCA have been submitted to RSTBC for review and referral.

Trail construction

Construction and maintenance of trails is done by staff and volunteers from the RMOW, Alpine Club of Canada – Whistler section and WORCA.

Unauthorized trails

While local trail builders and organizations are encouraged to follow the formal trail approval process, unauthorized trail building does occur and can have unintended consequences.

Much of Whistler’s trail network was built without formal review and approval.  WORCA has taken on management responsibility for some of these unauthorized trails. Increasing public scrutiny, environmental and wildlife concerns, property issues, and conflicts with planned trails have brought attention to rogue trail building in Whistler. Trail builders are expected to partner with WORCA or the Alpine Club of Canada – Whistler section and submit applications for construction.

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