Wildlife research and planning

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After the trails on Mount Sproatt and Rainbow Mountain received RSTBC’s approval in 2014, RMOW staff met with provincial biologists to guide trail planning and management, specifically related to grizzly and black bears, ungulates, wolverines and their habitats in the Mount Sproatt area.

This work built upon the RSTBC’s trail approval process, which includes review by provincial biologists.

In 2019, two related initiatives were completed:

1. Grizzly Bear Risk Assessment

  • Wind River Bear Institute Canada undertook a Grizzly Bear Risk Assessment for Mount Sproatt trails, the Rainbow Lake Trail, and related trail amenities in 2018. The goal of the risk assessment is to identify risks to human safety and support bear conservation. The assessment considers habitat quality, attractant management, and other factors to identify risks and recommend mitigation techniques.  Findings are integrated within the Grizzly Bear-Human Conflict Mitigation Strategy.
  • The assessment work continued in 2019 to include the Skywalk trail network including Kevin’s Homerun, South Flank, Rainbow’s End, and Pot of Gold.  

2. Grizzly Bear-Human Conflict Mitigation Strategy and Response Plan

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