Safety concerns prompt Do Not Occupy Order for Whistler Kids Daycare

Publication Date: December 14, 2021

Daycare ordered to close due to fire, building, permit and licensing deficiencies

The Whistler Fire Rescue Service has issued a Do Not Occupy Order to the Whistler Kids Daycare located at 109-8200 Bear Paw Trail.

On December 13, the RMOW learned the daycare had begun operations without the required Fire Safety Inspection, multiple required building inspections, an occupancy permit or a business licence. The operator did not reach out to the RMOW to schedule these inspections prior to accepting children into their care.

On Tuesday, December 14 Whistler Fire Rescue Services attended the location to perform an urgent inspection. As a result, the Fire Chief issued a Do Not Occupy Order. The facility may remain open until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, December 17 with the following conditions:

  • The children’s sleeping room must remain securely locked and not occupied;
  • Trained Fire Watch acceptable to the Fire Chief is present during operational hours between December 15 and 17, 2021;

Effective December 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. the Do Not Occupy Order will be in full effect (no operational use of the facility) until satisfactory compliance is received by the Fire Chief.

The Do Not Occupy Order will be rescinded only when Whistler Kids Daycare has met the following outstanding BC Building and Fire Code requirements as per the Fire Chief’s Do Not Occupy order:

  • Registered Professional Field Reports
  • Mechanical Engineers Field Reports
  • Sprinkler Engineer Drawing and Stamp

“We know that this potential closure has a significant impact on many who were relieved to have finally secured a childcare spot in Whistler,” said Mayor Jack Crompton. “However, there is simply no way we can allow this childcare centre to open without any of the proper safety inspections or a Vancouver Coastal Health childcare licence.”

All businesses in B.C. are required to comply with the BC Fire Code and the BC Building Code.

The BC Building Code has very stringent requirements for daycare facilities for children under 30 months old, since they include sleeping facilities and because children in that age group cannot self-evacuate a building. The BC Fire Code provides detailed regulations on how a space may be safely occupied and used.

The RMOW Bylaw team has received an application for a business licence from the facility however, the licence cannot be granted without a fire safety and building approval, and proof of a community care facilities licence from Vancouver Coastal Health. A community care facilities license is required for all programs and facilities in B.C. providing care to three or more children who are not related to the operation by blood or marriage.

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