Statement about Emergency Alert

Publication Date: July 25, 2022

Exterior of Municipal Hall in summer

The RMOW uses a local emergency alert system, Whistler Alert, which allows us to send urgent messages to mobile devices to those who have signed up to be alerted about risks to public health and safety or property.

Yesterday, the Resort Municipality of Whistler worked with the RCMP to issue a local alert specifically to calm the public and clarify there was no active or ongoing threat. The alert requested those within the Village Centre to stay away from the delineated area where a police investigation was underway, but otherwise continue on with the day.

This morning, an RCMP provincial emergency alert was issued in response to a police incident in Langley. This was a separate event. The alert was issued province-wide, by the RCMP due to an active and ongoing risk to the public. 

To learn more about the Whistler emergency alert system and sign up visit

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