Municipal Bylaws

Whistler bylaws are adopted by Council and enforced by Bylaw Services.

Disclaimer for Online Posting of Bylaws

Bylaws listed in the online bylaw library are for information purposes only. To verify the accuracy of this information, contact the Legislative Services at 604-935-8114. View frequently requested bylaws.

What Is A Bylaw?

A bylaw is a law created by the local government of a city, town or municipality.  Local governments are given their powers and duties to administrate these laws through the Province under the Community Charter and the Local Government Act.

Areas Covered In Bylaws

Bylaws cover: 

  • zoning,
  • land use,
  • signs,
  • noise,
  • vehicle parking and idling,
  • user fees and
  • property taxation.

Bylaw Process

The Bylaw process begins with a need identified by either a member of the public, municipal administration or Council. 

A need may be brought to the municipality’s or Council’s attention by a member of the public. Municipal staff, if directed, will look into the matter and make a decision as to whether it is best dealt with by creating a bylaw or if there is another solution.

The decision to create or not create a bylaw may involve researching the following information:

  • What are other municipalities doing?
  • Is the subject matter and content within the bylaw-making power of Council?
  • Are there other laws in place to address this?
  • Who will this affect, and how will they be affected?
  • Is it in the general interest of citizens as a whole?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What else should be considered?

If staff are given direction to proceed with a bylaw it will be presented to Council at a Regular Meeting and given three readings. Some bylaws need to be taken through a Public Hearing process and get approval through a provincial body such as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Once a bylaw goes through three readings it will be adopted and the bylaw will come into effect once it is signed by the Mayor and the Municipal Clerk.

Learn about the RMOW’s Bylaws.

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