Smoking Regulations

Whistler Village fall  photo credit: Mike Crane

Smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah pipes, vaping devices, e-cigarette and other lighted or activated electronic smoking devices that burn or vaporize tobacco, cannabis, or other weeds or substances.

Smoking in the Resort Municipality of Whistler is prohibited in the following areas:

  • in or within 10 metres of the perimeter of an outdoor customer service area;
  • within a 10-metre buffer below any opening into a building, including a door or window that opens or air intake;
  • in a park or on the Valley Trail; and
  • in all public plaza areas (e.g. Town Square, Village Common, Village Square and Mountain Square) or on the Village Stroll.

In addition, smoking is prohibited in parks and on other public property including in or within 25 metres of:

  • children’s play equipment (except on private property)
  • playgrounds
  • school property
  • playing fields
  • beaches
  • food concessions
  • picnic areas
  • parks
  • skateboard parks
  • the Valley Trail
  • any part of a park or other municipal property used for a public event or activity for which the municipality has issued a permit
  • the grounds of any municipal building used for public recreation
  • buildings, transit stops or transit shelters where people wait to board a vehicle for hire or public transit vehicle

Do not throw cigarettes on the ground or out of vehicle windows. They can ignite wildfires. Learn more about fire prevention.

Whistler Blackcomb ski resort has banned smoking on their property including the ski, bike and hiking areas, lift lines, restaurants and parking areas. 

Bylaw enforcement 

The municipality’s goal is voluntary compliance with the smoking regulation bylaw, however, Bylaw Officers may issue a ticket of $200 for smoking in an area prohibited by Whistler’s smoking bylaw.  Bylaw enforcement will include targeted education; signage; rotating Bylaw Officer presence in the Village and community and on the Valley Trail; and increased ticketing and enforcement when the fire danger rating is high or extreme. 

Smoking cannabis in public

The federal government’s enacted Cannabis Act will make it legal for adults in Canada to possess, grow or use cannabis for recreactional purposes as of October 17, 2018.  The RMOW’s priorities with respect to cannabis legalization are the health and saftey of community members and vistors, as well as the resort experience.  Provincial law and the RMOW smoking bylaw will regulate smoking cannabis in public.  Find information, including answers to frequently asked questions, at

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