The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is the second largest employer in Whistler, after Whistler Blackcomb, providing programs, services, and infrastructure to Whistler’s 12,000 residents and 3 million annual visitors.

Employment Areas

The RMOW provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities in the following areas:

Corporate and Community Services

Infrastructure Services

Resort Experience

Chief Administrative Officer’s Office (CAO)


Information Technology

Legislative Services

Bylaw Enforcement


Fire Rescue Service


Whistler Public Library

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

Engineering Services



Wastewater Treatment Plant

Central Services


Development Services


Energy Systems

Emergency Planning

Planning Services

Building Services

Strategic Alliances

Parks & Trails Operations

Landscape, Turf & Irrigation

Building Maintenance

Village Maintenance

Village Host

Village Events & Animation

Facility Construction Management

Cultural Planning & Development


Corporate, Economic and Environmental Services

Human Resources

Job Classifications

The RMOW provides non-union and union positions. The majority of positions are non-union. There are some departments with union positions. The following are types of job classifications


  • Casual: Allows for varied hours of work, which may be for short or extended period of time
  • Term: Working a regular workweek (full-time) for a specific and defined period of time ranging from three months to one year
  • Permanent (part-time, full-time and job-share): Employees who work year-round and work standard scheduled hours
  • Volunteer: Unpaid positions in various departments offering valuable practical work experience


  • Regular full-time: Employees who have successfully completed the probationary period and are employed for an indefinite period of time in a full-time position
  • Regular part-time: Employees who have successfully completed the probationary period and are employed for an indefinite period of time on a regular schedule of at least 20 hours or more each week, but less hours of work than a regular full-time employee
  • Temporary: Employees who are employed for a definite and limited period of time on a full-time or part-time basis (which may be extended or shortened by circumstances, which could not be reasonably foreseen at the time of hiring)
  • Auxiliary: Employees who are employed on an as-needed basis to augment or substitute for regular staff

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