Economic Partnership Initiative Committee

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The Economic Partnership Initiative Committee facilitates the collaboration and alignment between key economic stakeholders within Whistler.

The Committee produces a set of medium-term (0 to 5 year) economic development and planning recommendations designed to build confidence, encourage investment and support the growth of Whistler’s resort economy. The Committee also makes recommendations regarding the expenditure of Resort Municipality Initiative funds.

Committee Members

Council Representatives: Mayor Jack Crompton (Chair) and Councillor Jeff Murl

  • Barrett Fisher, President and CEO, Tourism Whistler
  • Norm Mastalir, President, Hotel Association of Whistler
  • Louise Walker, Executive Director, Whistler Chamber 
  • Danielle Kristmanson, Member-at-Large
  • Virginia Cullen, RMOW, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dale Mikkelsen, RMOW, General Manager of Climate Action, Planning and Development Services
  • Richard Kemble, RMOW, Economic Development Officer
  • Julie Sakamoto, Recording Secretary

Meeting schedule

As required.

Meeting agendas and minutes

* Economic Partnership Initiative Committee minutes are subject to Section 90 of the Community Charter

April 11, 2023PDF
February 13, 2023PDF
December 5, 2022PDF
June 13, 2022PDF
December 9, 2021PDF
September 9, 2021PDF
July 8, 2021PDF
June 3, 2021PDF
April 1, 2021PDF
March 4, 2021PDF
February 4, 2021PDF
January 7, 2021PDF
December 17, 2020PDF
December 3, 2020PDF
November 19, 2020PDF
November 5, 2020PDF
October 22, 2020PDF
October 8, 2020PDF
September 24,2020PDF
September 10, 2020PDF
August 20, 2020Cancelled
August 6, 2020PDF
July 23, 2020PDF
July 9, 2020PDF
June 25, 2020PDF
June 11, 2020PDF
May 28, 2020PDF
May 21, 2020PDF
May 14, 2020PDF
May 4, 2020PDF
October 16, 2019PDF
July 17, 2018PDF
January 11, 2018PDF
September 14, 2017PDF
July 17, 2017PDF
May 25, 2017PDF
December 19, 2016Cancelled
October 6, 2016PDF
June 6, 2016PDF
April 4, 2016PDF
March 7, 2016PDF
January 28, 2016PDF
November 23, 2015PDF
September 14, 2015PDF
May 4, 2015PDF
February 26, 2015PDF
November 13, 2014PDF
September 11, 2014PDF
June 12, 2014PDF
April 14, 2014PDF
September 12, 2013PDF


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