Transit Management Advisory Committee


The Transit Management Advisory Committee is a Select Committee of Council.

The purpose of the Committee is to advise and provide recommendations to Council regarding the provision of transit services within the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and the overall transit program that fall within the municipality’s scope of responsibilities regarding services provided under the Master Operating Agreement (MOA) and the Annual Operating Agreement (AOA).

The responsibilities of each party in the MOA are summarized in the Terms of Reference under Appendix A : Assignment of Responsibility for the On-Going Operation of Transit in the Municipal Systems Program.

Committee Members

Council Representative & Chair: Councillor Jeff Murl

  • Rob Ringma, BC Transit, Senior Regional Transit Manager
    • Bronson Bullivant, BC Transit, Senior Transit Planner (Alternate)
  • Juan-Carlos Gomez, Whistler Transit Ltd., Manager
    • Craig Selfridge, Whistler Transit Ltd., (Alternate)
  • Emma DalSanto, RMOW Transportation Demand Management Coordinator
  • Luisa Burhenne, RMOW Manager of Climate & Environment
  • Denise Taveira,  RMOW Recording Secretary 

Meeting schedule

As required, via Zoom until further notice.

Meeting agendas and minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
September 7, 2023PDF
March 13, 2023PDFPDF
November 22, 2022PDFPDF
September 26, 2022PDFPDF
August 31, 2022PDFPDF
June 6, 2022PDFPDF
May 3, 2022PDFPDF
October 26, 2021PDFPDF
August 24, 2021PDFPDF
July 5, 2021PDFPDF
March 4, 2021PDF 
October 27, 2020PDFPDF
September 28, 2020PDFPDF
June 23, 2020PDF 
February 11, 2020PDF 
October 02, 2019PDF 
May 05, 2019PDF 
April 11, 2019PDFPDF
December 17, 2018PDF 
September 17, 2018PDFPDF
July 3, 2018PDFPDF
April 24, 2018PDFPDF
April 3, 2018PDFPDF
October 11, 2017PDFPDF
July 5, 2017PDFPDF
May 8, 2017PDFPDF
January 20, 2017PDF 
May 19, 2016PDFPDF
April 12, 2016PDFPDF
November 5, 2015PDFPDF
October 27, 2015PDFPDF
October 2, 2015PDFPDF
August 17, 2015PDFPDF
April 20, 2015PDF 
January 19, 2015PDF  
September 18, 2014PDFPDF
July 14, 2014PDFPDF


Emma DalSanto
Transportation Demand Management Coordinator

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