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Search Snippet: ... and cyclists. Road Maintenance The Roads Department is responsible for road maintenance and snow clearing of ... surface. Snow Clearing Snow clearing on municipal roads is prioritized as follows: Primary routes, including transit and ...
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Search Snippet: Bears often cross roads or snack on food sources along the roadside. Stopping your vehicle to ...
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Alta Lake Road is the last area in Whistler not serviced with a sanitary sewer, and there is evidence that failing septic systems are leaking wastewater into the adjacent rail-side ditches.
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Search Snippet: Roads are an essential part of the Whistler experience and shuttle an average ...
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Friday, May 16, 2014 - 07:00
Search Snippet: ... progress. For more information, please contact the RMOW Roads Department at 604-935-8300 or Repainting road lines taking place this month ...
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