Lost Lake Nordic Trails are closed for Nordic operations

Date: February 2, 2024 at 8:05 am

Our Lost Lake Nordic Trails are presently closed, due to significant rain and warm temperatures. This particular weather system has deteriorated the snowpack significantly and we must remain closed for the safety of our guests. We are very hopeful, once cold temperatures return, we will resume operations.

The 2023/24 winter season is an El Niño and has certainly presented a challenging pattern of snowfall. Given we are now early in February, it is possible cold temperatures and more snow is on the way; however, we are conscious this might be a lower snow year.

Lost Lake Park is now closed for Nordic operations, but it will re-open to the public as an unmaintained trail network. Please be cautious as the snowmelt is slippery. It is designated open for use at the user’s own risk.