Gateway Loop Project

The Gateway Loop Improvement Project will enhance the Whistler Village guest experience and support ongoing business success.

The redesigned site, which is based on extensive community input into design guidelines, will provide visitors with a smooth introduction to Whistler, increasing usability of the Village Loop for buses, taxis, personal vehicles and pedestrians.


As part of a number of studies, the RMOW identified and selected the preferred Gateway Loop site redesign to address many of the concerns raised through the public and stakeholder engagement process.

The preferred option was selected based on the following criteria:

  • Substantially improve the arrival experience, capacity and usability of this area by bus and taxi users
  • Improve the connection and integration of this area to prominent adjacent Village access points
  • Improve the sense of arrival to Whistler for all visitors travelling along Village Gate Boulevard
  • Support improved pedestrian and vehicle flows in this key arrival and departure area

While construction is in process the intention is to:

  • Anticipate and mitigate the impact of construction on the business community, visitors and residents
  • Ensure proactive, accurate, up-to-date information reaches stakeholders, so they can plan ahead and adapt to construction related impacts prior to and during the construction period
  • Ensure smooth traffic flows (vehicular and pedestrian)

During construction the business community, visitors, and residents should expect: acess to the Gateway Loop to be restricted. Delays, parking restrictions and/or single-lane alternating traffic in the Gateway Loop and adjacent areas, as well as construction dust and noise, are to be expected. The project team will work together to minimize disruptions.


Phase I:       April 9, 2014: Options Assessment & Preliminary Design Services RFP closed, awarded
Phase II:      June 4, 2014: Full day stakeholder workshop

Phase III:     November 4, 2014: Presentation to Council – Options Assessment & Preliminary Designs

Phase IV:    September 5, 2015:  Project approved for Design & Construction Administration funding by Council

Phase V:     January 22, 2016: Design & Construction Administration RFP awarded

Phase VI:    January 25, 2016: present Design and Construction Administration

Phase VII:   May 4, 2016: Open House

Phase VIII:  November 2016: Phase 1 and Phase 2 Re-Tendered for Construction

Phase IX:   February 2017: Tender for Construction award

Phase X:    March 23, 2017: Open House

Phase XI:    April 2017: Phase 1 Construction scheduled to begin 

Phase XII:   June 30 2017: Phase 1 scheduled to be complete

Phase XIII:  September 2017: Phase 2 on site construction to begin

Phase XIV:  October 2017: Final Completion



How will this project impact me?

This is a significant construction project in an area that currently functions as the regional transportation hub for Whistler.  This area is adjacent to the Whistler Conference Centre Parking Lot which will likely be impacted by additional transportation volume.

It is anticipated that there will be construction noise, dust for businesses located near the Loop, restricted access during various stages of construction for non-essential uses, and temporarily less convenient transportation.

During the construction period we encourage all business stakeholders and residents to:

  • Avoid vehicle use altogether in this area whenever possible
  • Contact the RMOW if you have any questions or concerns
  • Share updates with staff, service providers, patrons and friends
  • Plan ahead for required adjustments for deliveries and business continuity
  • Use alternate parking facilities and driving routes

Are trees being removed?

Yes, all the existing trees will be removed for this project as they will not be viable after the reshaping of the site.  Extensive consideration has been given to landscaping in the design.

How will fire service access be maintained?

Fire  and emergency response access will be maintained to and through the area, even under construction.  Existing fire hydrants are being maintained. Note that there are alternate fire access points to the Village Stroll near this same area (between Fanatyko and Mountain Riders).

Where will the taxis and buses be temporarily relocated?

All of the large vehicles currently operating in this area (buses and shuttles) will be diverted to the northeastern section of Day Lot 3 for their daily pick-up and drop-off operations. Taxis will be routed to the Sunshine Place circle for their typical taxi stand operations as well as an available area to stage in Day Lot 3 along side the Bus/shuttle operations for a seemless transition for guests preferring to take a taxi to their final

This project is supported by the Province of British Columbia’s Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).

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