PRV Upgrades and Decommissioning


The purpose of this project is to decommission three underground pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations that are no longer required in our distribution system and to upgrade three additional PRV stations. The upgrades of three PRV stations will bring them from below-grade vaults to above-ground kiosks.

Decommissioning Sites

  • P249 – 4001 Highway 99, Golf Course 
  • P253 – 3001 Brio Entrance (Complete)
  • P272 – 5801 Alta Lake Road (Complete)

Upgrade Sites

  • 7146 Nesters Road 
  • Move PRV at Lake Placid Road East at Highway 99 – Upgrade to 2149 Lake Placid Road
  • 2135 Whistler Road

The design for this project was completed in 2021. The contract was awarded to Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd.

Timeline and Scope

  •  2020/2021 – Design 
  • Winter 2022 – Procurement and Council Approval 
  • Spring to Fall  2022 & 2023 – Construction 

Construction Impact

During construction, expect equipment noise and an increased number of construction vehicles. Pedestrians and cyclists will be detoured around the work site.


Infrastructure Services Department – Capital Projects

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