South Whistler Water Supply Upgrade – Phase 1

Latest Status

The project is in the procurement phase. An invitation to tender is currently posted on the RMOW website and the BC Bid website.


Phase I of the South Whistler Water Supply Upgrade project involves the installation of new water main sections to allow the integration of the existing water systems in Function Junction and Cheakamus Crossing. Phase II of the project will involve building a water pump and pH treatment station located adjacent to the existing Cheakamus Crossing well and pump station.  

These improvements will provide redundancy of supply to the Cheakamus Crossing water supply system, reduce corrosion, provide pH correction to the Cheakamus water supply, and meet new water quality regulations. The reconfigured pipe system and booster station will also allow any excess supply from the south Whistler supply to be pumped north to Creekside and beyond during high water demand periods or allow water from the greater Village water supply zone to move south. 

Water Main project locations

  • Lynham Road, north of the Function Junction depot
  • Valley trail at the intersection of Lynham Road
  • Whistler Interpretive Forest parking lot
  • Cheakamus Lake Road, from the Whistler Interpretive Forest parking lot to the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Construction Impact

Expect equipment noise and increased numbers of construction vehicles. Pedestrians and cyclists will be detoured around the work site. This will be clearly marked with traffic cones, and traffic control persons when required. Access to the Whistler Interpretive Forest parking lot will also be limited at times.


  • 2022  – Design 
  • Winter 2023 – Procurement and Council Approval 
  • Spring to fall  2023 – Phase 1 civil works



Infrastructure Services Department – Capital Projects