Whistler Emergency Program

The Resort Municipality of Whistler's Emergency Program is responsible for preparing the organization and community for major emergencies and disasters. 

The municipality has a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan that outlines how a major emergency or disaster in Whistler would be managed. 

In the event of a major emergency or disaster, municipal staff are trained to activate the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)—a facility where key municipal staff and other agencies gather to coordinate an emergency response. BC Ambulance, Vancouver Coastal Health, Whistler Transit Ltd., School District #48, Whistler Search and Rescue and many other agencies have a reserved spot in the EOC to ensure the emergency response is coordinated between the various agencies

Emergency Program staff work in collaboration with local first response agencies (e.g. RCMP, Whistler Fire Rescue Service and the BC Ambulance Service), Emergency Management British Columbia and other community organizations to develop and implement plans to protect the community during major emergencies and disasters. 

The Whistler Emergency Program offers free Emergency Preparedness workshops.  The workshop advises residents how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfires, floods, earthquakes and other disasters.    

Learn more about how the municipality prepares for emergencies.


File photo emergency preparedness kit
Emergency preparedness

Residents and businesses should be prepared to be self-sufficient following a major emergency or disaster. Follow simple steps to get prepared.

File photo Firefighter fighting a wildfire
Understanding Whistler's hazards

Wildfire, Earthquakes and flood are a few of Whistler's potential hazards identified in the Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assesssment.

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What to do during an emergency

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Emergency preparedness resources

Download some simple recipe cards to help prepare your home and family, pet and business for emergencies.

Community emergency planning

Learn how the Resort Municipality of Whistler plans for emergency and download resources, including Whistler's emergency management plan.

Important information for Whistler residents about flood insurance

Have you checked with your insurance provider to see if you can get overland flood insurance?

Flood insurance has recently become available in British Columbia, which may impact your eligibility for Disaster Financial Assistance after an overland flood.

As a result of this change, if a flood occurred in Whistler an applicant who could have reasonably and readily purchased overland flood insurance would NOT be eligible for financial support under British Columbia’s Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) Program. 

The Province is closely monitoring the availability of overland flood insurance in British Columbia and will continue to deliver DFA in accordance with existing legislation.  If a flooding disaster occurred and DFA was authorized for the disaster event, an applicant who could have purchased overland flood insurance would NOT be eligible for DFA.   It is in a homeowner or tenant’s interest to purchase overland flood insurance.  People should not rely on DFA as a substitute for insurance. DFA is disaster aid; it is not a government insurance program.  

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) recommends you check with your insurance provider to determine if flood insurance is available through your insurance policy.


Erin Marriner
RMOW Emergency Program Coordinator

Emergency Social Services