During an evacuation

Emergency officials will assess the incident and determine what emergency measures are required to protect people and property. If evacuations are required, the Mayor will declare a local state of emergency for part or all of the community. If there is an evacuation order in place, a red notification will appear at the top of every page on whistler.ca.

1. Stay informed  Regular updates will be shared on a number of different channels to ensure you have the latest emergency information to stay safe.

2. Follow the instructions of emergency officials – A comprehensive evacuation plan is in place to ensure everyone is evacuated safely.

3. Find your evacuation zone – Whistler’s neighborhood boundaries are the same as the evacuation zones. Officials may evacuate people all at once or by zone.

4. Know the difference between an evacuation alert and an evacuation order. An evacuation order for some or all Evacuation Zones will be issued – if time and resources allow, emergency officials will travel door to door in affected Evacuation Zones to notify residents and visitors that an Evacuation Order has been issued and that they must leave

5. Find transportation. The evacuation order will provide instructions on evacuation routes and where people without transportation can access public transit that will take them to a safe location.

6.  Determine your destination – Reception centers outside the evacuation zone will be established for people without friends and family to stay with.

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