Prepare for an evacuation

If an emergency is serious enough, you may be asked to leave your home or ordered to travel out of the community completely. Emergency officials will not order you to evacuate unless they have reason to believe you are in danger. If an emergency responder comes to your door and orders you to evacuate, follow the instructions provided to you.

It is essential that you have an evacuation plan in place so you know what to do when an evacuation order is issued for your neighborhood. Being prepared before an evacuation order is the most important step you can take right now.

Do you know the difference between the evacuation stages?

In B.C. a three-stage evacuation process is used for evacuations and includes evacuation alert, evacuation order and evacuation rescind (or evacuation lifted). Watch this video or read the information below to learn more about each stage of evacuation.

Evacuation Alert – Be Ready

This is the time to get prepared to leave your home on short notice  An evacuation alert means that an evacuation is possible.

  • Emergency Officials will notify the population at risk of the potential need to evacuate.
  • Information will be provided to you about the nature of the danger in the emergency situation.
  • Although you may have time to prepare your home or business, conditions may change quickly and evacuation orders may be given with very short notice.

Evacuation Order – Leave Now ​

An evacuation order means that all residents and visitors must follow direction from local emergency officials and leave Whistler when directed. You must leave if an evacuation order is issued. 

  • You may be notified to evacuate by emergency officials in your neighbourhood or by notification by radio, social media and website. Emergency officials will provide information on where to go. It is imperative that you follow the instructions provided to you.
  • If an evacuation order is issued, check your immediate neighbours to ensure they are aware of the order.
  • Follow the instructions from emergency officials about how and when to leave.
  • Do not need to turn off your utilities unless directed to do so by emergency officials. 
  • Close your windows, turn off all lights, appliances and sensitive electronics before you leave if there is time.
  • Returning to the affected area will be restricted while the Evacuation Order is in effect.

Evacuation Lifted – Return

  • The Evacuation Order has been lifted and you are allowed to return home.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency officials for when and how to return home.

Do you know where to find information during an emergency?

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