Business fire safety

As a business owner, you have a variety of responsibilities relating to fire safety, both to your staff and your customers.

You are responsible to comply with the requirements of the BC Fire Code, which requires you to maintain your space as it was designed, maintain the safety features such as alarm systems, extinguishers and sprinklers and ensure safe exiting by keeping exits clear and doors operable. The Code also regulates what can be stored inside and outside of buildings and in what quantities.

We also have a responsibility to you. Whistler Fire Rescue Service has a responsibility to conduct regular inspections of your business, hotel or public building.  Intervals for these inspections vary, based on the risks and consequences associated with your business class. 

Per Fire Safety Bylaw No. 2201, 2019, an annual fire inspection fee of $125.00 is payable to the Resort Municipality of Whistler for fire code compliance inspections conducted by Whistler Fire Rescue Service for hotels and public buildings as required by the FIRE SERVICES ACT [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 144 Section 26(1) Municipal duty to inspect hotels and public buildings.

Compliance inspections by Whistler Fire Rescue Service are separate from ongoing fire protection and system maintenance services completed by a fire prevention company in Whistler.  

Fire inspection fees are billed in December for fire inspections taking place in the following calendar year. Fees cover an initial inspection and one re-inspection of your premises. Subsequent re-inspections, if required, will be charged $300 per inspection. 

The inspection fee also applies to multiple businesses that may share one commercial space. Administratively, fire inspection reports are stored as a municipal record for every commercial business operating within the RMOW. Individual reports will be provided to each individual business who share one commercial space.

Annual fire inspection fees will be invoiced with business licensing fees where applicable. 

For more information on inspection criteria, please read the following:


Non-emergency number: 604-935-8260
Phone 911 for emergencies

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