Bear Safety for Construction Sites

Whistler is a Bear Smart community. When working in bear country, it is important to keep bear safety in mind on a construction site to reduce human-bear conflict. 

Bear attractants

Bears can be attracted to construction sites by:

  • discarded food,
  • garbage,  
  • petroleum products, and
  • certain plant species.

Learn more about wildlife attractants.

Keep your construction site safe

Keep people and bears safe on construction sites by:

  1. storing all attractants inside a secure building or bear-proof container, and
  2. disposing of all food waste, including packaging and drink containers, immediately into bear-proof garbage or recyling containers.

All garbage enclosures must meet the Solid Waste Wildlife-Proof Enclosure Guidelines

Bear encounters

If a bear enters your work site:

  • never approach the bear,
  • ensure the bear has an unobstructed escape route from the site, and
  • once the bear has left, remove any food sources that may have attracted it. 

Before starting construction, learn more about Bear Smart practices for construction sites

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