Geese Management Activities

The following management techniques began in 2015 to minimize environmental, economic and social impacts from geese populations. These activities are continuing.


In addition to public communications, the RMOW educated internal staff. 

Mitigation and Monitoring

  • Fecal clean-up
  • Developed biological indicators and conducted assessments
  • Monitored, collected and analyzed data
  • Feedback into responsive management 

Population Control

The population was controlled by a series of methods: 

  • Egg addling
  • Deterrence and hazing techniques
  • Flagging tape strung between stakes and on posts
  • Floating intermittent lights and staked permanent intermittent lights designed to interrupt overnight roosting
  • Hazing through the use of dogs
  • Retractable fencing on the shorelines of Rainbow Park, Alpha Lake Park, Lakeside Park, and Wayside Park in fall.
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