Private Employee Housing Developments

Construction image by Mike Crane

Recommendation #5: Private Employee Housing Developments

Allow private development of multi-family employee housing on private lands
Guidelines were endorsed by Council on December 5, 2017 and a process was endorsed by Council on April 24, 2018 to facilitate employee housing developments on private lands. Updated Guidelines were endorsed by Council on March 26, 2019.

The following applications have been submitted under the Private Employee Housing Initiative and are at various stages in the process:

AreaAddressApplication numberNumber of proposed Employee Dwelling UnitsNumber of proposed Market Dwelling UnitsTotal proposed Bed UnitsStatus
Nordic2077 Garibaldi WayRZ001144 14686Rezoning approved
White Gold7104 Nancy Greene DriveRZ001146 36099Public Hearing complete, applicant addressing conditions
Cheakamus1315 Cloudburst DriveRZ00114720050Rezoning approved
Hillman5298 Alta Lake RoadRZ001157212268Rezoning approved
WMSC2028 Rob Boyd WayRZ0011523022Public Hearing complete, applicant addressing conditions
Glacier Staff Housing4802 Glacier LaneRZ001162660132Rezoning approved
Blackcomb Professional Building4204 Village SquareRZ00117710 In-progress

For rezoning applications (RZ), a public information meeting will be held before a zoning amendment bylaw is brought before Council for first and second readings. Public information meeting details are shared once meeting dates are determined.  

The following provides a summary of the proposed process, with an overview of the timeline for delivering on the target of 500 privately constructed employee housing bed units by 2023.

April 2018Notification for preliminary rezoning applications
May 31, 2018Private rental development application deadline
June 2018Staff complete a review of preliminary applications against OCP policies and guidelines and provides comments to applicants.
July 2018Applicants provide revised application materials.
August 2018Staff complete evaluation of revised applications and prepare recommendations for Council.
September 2018Council provides direction on which, if any, applications are supported for further review and processing.
September 2018 to September 2020Processing of zoning amendment bylaw and development permit applications that receive approval for further consideration—This includes submission and review of further detailed information and studies. Timeline may vary depending on application.
July 2020 to December 2023Building permit application and construction

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