Vehicle Idling

The Resort Municipality of Whistler strives to protect our air quality and our environment. Vehicle idling is an important environmental issue because it emits carbon dioxide into the air, significantly affecting climate change. 

Keep Whistler idle free.

While some vehicle idling is necessary, much of the time an engine can be shut off.

In Whistler, vehicles are not permitted to park with the engine idling for a period longer than one minute, unless the motor vehicle:

  1. is idling while passengers are actively embarking or disembarking; 
  2. is idling in lanes of traffic because of traffic congestion, an emergency, or mechanical difficulties; 
  3. is an emergency vehicle; 
  4.  is an armoured vehicle involved in the secure delivery or pick up of goods; 
  5. is engaged in a parade or race; 
  6. is engaged in a mechanical test or maintenance procedure for which idling is required; 
  7.  must remain idling so as to power equipment or tools ancillary to the motor vehicle; or
  8. must remain idling so as to power a heating or refrigeration system for the preservation of perishable cargo. 
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