Water and wastewater

Whistler ♥s Water – Let’s work together to use less. By using our drinking water wisely, we can save it for drinking and fire protection.

Whistler water flows from the mountains to your tap.

Whistler drinking water comes from alpine snow that melts into lakes and streams and replenishes the groundwater. When the alpine water is cloudy, water is sourced from thirteen ground water wells.

The RMOW focuses on source water protection, so that the treatment of source water is effective. Once the water is treated, it enters the reservoir, which is kept full to ensure Whistler always has enough water in case of fire.

Whistler’s water then travels from the reservoir through a pipe network straight to your tap.

Whistler’s water system is sophisticated and has many measures in place to ensure its safety. The operation, maintenance and capital replacement of the system is funded by the Water Utility Fund.

View the 21 Mile Creek Source Water Protection Plan

View the Ground Water Protection Plan 2008 Groundwater Resource Protection Plan 

Water quality

Whistler’s water quality standards meet Vancouver Coastal Health’s requirements, and drinking water is safe to drink straight from the tap after flushing.

Using water wisely

It can be easy to forget that treated water is a precious and limited resource even in Whistler where we receive a considerable amount of rain.


The RMOW operates one of the most advanced wastewater treatment facilities in Canada. Nearly every property in Whistler is connected to the municipal sewage system.

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