District Energy System frequently asked questions

How often should I check my heating system under normal operating conditions?

You should check your heating system a least once a week.

What does it mean if my system is “red screened”?

If your system is “red screened,” an error has been detected and the words “heating or hot water” will be flashing on the screen and the compressor will be off. When the heat pump exceeds the operating parameters, the compressor will shut down.

Press the reset button to reset the system.

**If this happens three times in a row, the compressor will lock out and the fault will be recorded. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the compressor and have your system inspected by a qualified technician.

**If your system goes into fault again, do not reset the heat pump until it has been serviced.  When the system is “red-screened” the electric heaters will engage to maintain the tank temperature depending on the switch position. (See On/Off/Auto Switches below).

What should I do if the system trips out again within the next five days?

If the system trips out again in the next five days, contact a qualified technician.

After the system has restarted, how often should I check it?

After the system restarts, monitor its operation every 12 hours over the next five days.

What position should the ON/OFF/ AUTO switches be in?

For electric heaters:

  • ON – Electric heaters will cycle according to the internal tank temperature.
  • OFF – Electric heater will be off. Heat pump only will provide heating.
  • AUTO – Electric heaters will cycle on as second stage heat or will cycle on if the heat pump is in fault (“red screen”)

 For hot water tanks:

  • ON/OFF – Hot water heating tanks have a toggle switch located inside the control panel. This switch is normally in the OFF position and must be switched to the ON position if the heat pump faults (“red screen”).

What do the lights on the Tekmar Zone Manager control indicate?

This control should have two or three green lights on at all times. When a thermostat calls for heat, the Tekmar Zone light will come on, and 30 to 60 seconds later the heating water pump will start to circulate the hot water. Amber lights indicate a fuse problem.

What is the normal operating temperature for my hot water?

Check your display to confirm that your operating temperature is between 46°C and 51°C for both the hot water and heating temperature. The maximum set point is 48°C.

Why is the word “heating” flashing on the heat pump display?

“Heating” will flash when the system is calling for heat. There may be a delay of up to five minutes before the compressor starts.

Why are the words “hot water” flashing on the heat pump display?

“Hot water” will flash when the system is calling for hot water. The compressor and hot water pump will run. However, there may be a delay of up to five minutes before the compressor starts.

Why should I have my heat pump inspected annually?

Annual inspection of the heat pump can improve efficiency and prevent costly repairs. Allow only a qualified refrigeration technician to service your heat pump.

Why won’t my fan coil heater turn on?

For units equipped with fan coil heaters, the fan speed control must be set high enough to start the three fans when the thermostat calls for heat.

Does my fan coil heater require regular maintenance?

Each fan coil has an air filter that should be cleaned twice a year. Remove the filter and clean with kitchen spray nozzle or hose.  Allow the filter to dry before reinstalling.

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